Myself and many of the coaches I represent believe Pete Roussel is one the most influential people in college football. You wouldn’t believe the things Pete does for coaches. – Dennis Cordell – Coaches INC.

Meet CEO Pete Roussel

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Pete Roussel - CEO of
Coaching Search Consulting, Inc.

Pete Roussel, founder of Coaching Search Consulting Inc., is a former college football coach who has established a unique trust amongst coaches and athletic directors as a leading consultant.

Through his innovative approach, Pete has established a proven track record of consulting coaches on various branding strategies to achieve greater success with their current position while building the platform to advance professionally.

Leveraging his previous college coaching experience and day-to-day operations with, Pete is regularly sought out by athletic directors, head coaches, coordinators, assistant coaches, and graduate assistants. 

After serving on the staffs at Stanford University, Ole Miss, University of Memphis, and Samford University, Pete decided to leverage his experience in the coaching profession to pursue a business focused on helping coaches.

His experience within the coaching profession, research, and insight allow Pete to share a unique perspective. His strategies, information, an intuitive thinking are valued and relied upon.  This is part of the reason a vast network of coaches, athletic directors, and agents consider Pete’s pulse on the coaching profession as second to none.

As the owner / operator of the website, Pete is widely recognized as the most trusted source on coaching transactions.  He is the only person to assess, evaluate, and report strictly on coaches 365 days a year.

Since 2007, Pete has been instrumental is arranging numerous job interviews for coaches at the college and NFL levels.  When assistant coaches need a job or desire professional advancement, they often rely on Pete and his network.

A native of New Orleans, Pete now resides in Nashville, Tennessee.  An avid reader of marketing, management, and business philosophy books – Pete recommends several books to coaches including Mavericks at Work, Absolute Impact, Rigged, The Starbucks Experience, Mindset – The New Psychology of Success, Competitive Leadership, and How Good Do You Want To Be?.

Much like Les Miles and Brady Hoke, Pete admittedly has no hobbies.  He thoroughly enjoys helping his clients get what they want.  He always carries his cell phone, listens to hip-hop music during his daily workout, and once dropped a critical touchdown on 3rd & goal from his high school quarterback Eli Manning. 


5 clear reasons coaches turn to Pete Roussel

  1. Experience as a college coach & innovative thinking - Because of Pete's innovative thinking and experience as a college coach, clients are able to connect with Pete and his line of thought.
  2. The pulse of the coaching profession - Pete grasps the pulse of the coaching profession on a daily basis and visualizes the evolving trends as clear as anyone. It's another reason coaches value his opinion.
  3. Network of resources – Pete has the largest database of contact information for coaches of any firm anywhere.
  4. Investing in the client – When you work with Pete, his passion for each client is evident from the start. He cares immensely about helping coaches. He will not allow you to "sell yourself short".
  5. Confidentiality & cost factor – Certain clients appreciate a level of confidentiality. It's part of the reason our clients feel comfortable working with Pete Roussel. The cost factor is your investment in yourself. Coaching Search Consulting Inc. can setup monthly or quarterly payment arrangements to meet the needs of our clients.

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"Myself and many of the coaches I represent believe Pete Roussel is one of the most influential people in college football. You wouldn't believe the things Pete does for coaches.." Dennis Cordell Testimonial
- Dennis Cordell
Coaches INC.

"If it's happening in the world of coaching, Pete either already knows about it or will know about it before just about anyone else. The contacts he's developed throughout that very guarded fraternity make any website he's connected to a daily must-read for any college football writer or fan in search of the latest, most accurate news on the NBC Sports Testimonialcoaching front." - John Taylor
NBC Sports

"We call upon the talents of others with Absolute Impact Testimonialthe strengths required to complement ours."
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