How are you going to separate yourself?  How are you going to differentiate your program from others?

How We Work

Resume analysis / feedback / drafting

Coaching Search Consulting Inc. professionally evaluates and drafts resumes for coaches. Our core belief is that every single resume must be customized specific to the individual coach in order to capture the attention of the reader for at least 3-4 minutes. Our process involves assessment, strategy, and drafting. The process includes a follow-up consulting phone call with Coaching Search Consulting Inc. founder Pete Roussel, who will explain the value of our resume design. You will have a brand new professional resume, a valuable resource for any college or professional coach.  Over 500 college and NFL clients have been completely satisfied with our process and final product. Our resume redrafting service is a $119 investment by the client payable via PayPal.  Simply email your resume to and ask for a redrafting.

45 questions that require preparation for head coaching interviews

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This list of questions is eye-opening and essential for any coach that desires advancement in the coaching profession.  Plain and simple, these 45 questions are flat-out useful.  It’s not your ordinary list. Coaches find themselves forming their game plan for success based on these questions.  To interview for a head coaching job without reviewing these questions doesn’t allow you the best chance to win the job.  Coaches begin preparing for special job opportunities early in their career, so we encourage those coaches not even on the immediate verge of interviewing for a head coaching job to invest in this special PDF file. It's a $165 investment for football coaches that will serve as an invaluable resource for your career.  

Proactive Q&A

Other coaches want to know how you are different and why you are value. We help our clients create an 8-10 Q&A segment to allow our client to illustrate important aspects about yourself. At the conclusion of the Q&A, Coaching Search Consulting Inc. drafts the transcript and crafts a very nice presentation so that our clients can mail the Q&A to other coaches.  This is one of the most effective ways to communicate with other coaches that are crunched for time, yet want to know about you. Our Q&A presentations are a $250 investment that have served enormously effective for a large number of Coaching Search Consulting Inc. clients.

Head coaching manual assessment / feedback / drafting

Most coaches have little time to develop a head coaching manual. The scope of this type of project will vary depending on current state of your manual and our role in the process.  

Mock interviews

This process begins with Pete Roussel discussing with our client the specific scenario our client would like to create.  Mock interviews typically last for at least 90 minutes. Our client may want to practice interviewing for the wide receivers job at a particular program, or he may want to practice interviewing for the defensive coordinator position at a particular program. Pete then invests time in preparing as the interviewer for that specific job. Upon conclusion of the phone interview, Coaching Search Consulting Inc. will invest time in drafting the transcript, assessing the interview, and providing feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the interview. We will generate a written report, then discuss our assessment in detail with our client, so that our client can learn from his experience.

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