"Myself and many of the coaches I represent believe Pete Roussel is one of the most influential people in college football. You wouldn't believe the things Pete does for coaches.."
- Dennis Cordell
Coaches INC. 

Dennis Cordell Testimonial

"Once we are clear on our realm of potential excellence, we must unleash our power by placing our talents in a position that constantly puts them in play – where they will not only develop continually, but also yield the most impactful results."
- Absolute Impact
Absolute Impact Testimonial

"If it's happening in the world of coaching, Pete either already knows about it or will know about it before just about anyone else. The contacts he's developed throughout that very guarded fraternity make any website he's connected to a daily must-read for any college football writer or fan in search of the latest, most accurate news on the NBC Sports Testimonialcoaching front."
- John Taylor
NBC Sports